Lord Stratford Canning Biography

Lord Stratford Canning Biography,British diplomat (London 1786-Sussex 1880).

He studied two semesters at Eton college and Cambridge university.

He worked in the British Foreign Ministry.

He became the first clerk of the British ambassador Robert Adair in Istanbul (1808).

When Adair was appointed as the Vienna embassy, ​​Stratford and Redcliffe remained in Istanbul as charge d’affaires. He played an important role in the signing of the Bucharest treaty between the Ottoman state and Russia (1812).

It enabled Russia to use all of its military power against Napoleon.

He was appointed as associate to Berne (1814-1818) and Washington (1819).

He came to Istanbul in 1824 as an ambassador.

He returned to England in 1829 to enter parliamentary life.

He represented the constituencies of Stockbridge and Southampton in Parliament.

In 1831, he returned to Istanbul to represent England in the negotiations to draw the borders of Greece.

In 1842, he was again appointed as ambassador to Istanbul.

He stayed here until 1858.

He received the rank of Lordship in 1852.

It had an impact on the implementation of reforms in the Ottoman state, especially on the legal equality of Christians with Muslims.

He supported the Ottoman state against Russia during the Crimean war.

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