Nevil Shute Biography

Nevil Shute Biography, [real name Nevile Shute Norway], British author and aviation engineer (Ealing, Middlesex 1899-Melboume, Australia 1960).

He did his military service in France during the First World War.

He then attended Oxford University Balliol college.

He finished here as an aviation engineer in 1922.

He worked in the construction of the R100 airship.

He went to Canada in 1930 with this ship as chief engineer.

After that, he founded an airship construction company and was the director of this company until 1938.

Nevil Shute Books

On this date, he left the company to devote all of his time to literature.

He participated in the Second World war as a senior captain and contributed to the development of some important weapons.

He lived in Australia after 1950.

He wrote more than twenty novels, including his first novel Marazan (1926).

His books attracted much attention compared to other contemporary English writers.

What Happened to the Corbetts? In his book (What Happened to the Corbets?) [1939], he described what damage air raids could do to an ordinary English family.

His work Pied Piper (Pied Piper of the Fareli Village) [1942] was more admired by critics than his previous books and was filmed.

His novel On the Beach [1957] was about the extinction of humanity after an atomic war, which was also filmed.

In 1954, he told his life story in Slide Rule (Sliding Calculator).

His last novel Trustee from the Toolroom was published posthumously (1960).

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