What is Synkinesis,Types of Synkinesis

What is Synkinesis,Types of Synkinesis,Disorder in which the patient makes a voluntary movement, but also a second movement that he cannot control at the same time (msl.
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Types of synkinesia

There are three types of synkinesis:

  1. collective synkinesis, increased contraction on the diseased side by the work of the muscles on the uninjured side.
  2. tie synkinesis, the contraction of a group of paralyzed muscles in accordance with the movement of the muscles with which they are identical (msl. Flexion of the knee, causing the ankle to bend, which does not move due to paralysis of the foot flexor muscles).
  3. imitation synkinesis, with the work or effort of one side, the same movement on the symmetrical side.

The first two types of synkinesis arise from a lesion on the pathways of the pyramid nerve, and the third from a lesion in the visual bed or striated body.

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